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You Weren't Meant To Do Money Alone. 

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
— Anais Nin

Work With Me


These days money & finances has become so complicated and overwhelming. Just like a lot of things in life and business, it is so easy to get caught up in the struggle of "Where do I start?" 

Are you sick and tired of the financial roller coaster you are on and its effect on your personal life? 

YES?!! Me too! 

You do not have to do money alone. 

I also felt that money was meant to be a struggle, meant to be hard to make, and of course, there was not enough to go around. AND I was a money expert! (see About Me)

Having something different happen with your finances starts with you deciding to DO and BE something different with your finances. 

The transformational work that I do with my clients around money, finances, and personally and professionally takes place in a number of formats, but always in a non-judgmental, optimistic, forward-focused space.

My clients often report a newfound trust in themselves, once they experience the safety and trust of working with me. One of my favorite ways to support my clients is in a one-on-one coaching relationship, where we explore the five elements of money and freedom: Awareness, Acceptance, Alignment, Abundance, and Action. Another favorite offering of mine is the one-month financial Bootcamp, which is essentially a month of private coaching, where we do some intensive work and strategizing on an individual’s financial situation and mindset. And, of course, my passion really shines through in my thrice-annual Money Squared Retreat, which is a fun, intimate, supportive event for those looking to create exponential flow in their business, income, and life.

I am not a Wall Street financial advisor or an accountant, and I'm not a life coach. With me, you get all three.

Benefits of Working with Me: 

  • This is 1-1 exclusive support to guide and expand you in four key areas: financial, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

  • Create clarity, security, and confidence this year through Your Money Map and Business Plan.

  • Finally re-write your Money Story once and for all with you as the heroine/hero.

  • Learn how to stop working harder, doing more, and having less in your pocket to show for it with proven exercises and tools, and thought-provoking questioning.

About Me

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Christine Walsh helps clients master the inner game of money. As Christine will tell you, the strength of your inner game is fundamental to winning the outer game of money in business and life. She partners with self-aware women & men in small businesses to help them see their inherent power around money, challenge their fears, and create genuine wealth.

After growing up in NYC and 20+ years in Finance and Accounting, Christine left Wall Street, moved to a ski town and explored her passions. She created many successful small businesses, yet as time passed, found herself ignoring her own finances, which required her to dig deeper than what she was taught in business school. Today, Christine is a coach, speaker, and workshop facilitator, who inspires people and organizations across the U.S.

Her program Money Squared: Mastering The 5 Elements of Financial Freedom, empowers clients to thrive in the game of money. Mastering her inner money game gave Christine the power to create a successful 6- figure business and the fulfilling personal life she desires. Christine holds a BS in Finance, completed IPEC’s coach training, holds ELI-MP, CPC, and ICF PCC credentials. She helps her clients find opportunities that they are missing to create more sustainability in their business, income, and life. 

My Business Highlights

  • iPec, and ICF Professional Certified Coach, Financial Recovery studies.

  • Specialization in entrepreneurship, coaching, personal growth, and money mentoring across my business education and experience as well as through my own personal growth around finances.

  • Worked on Wall Street for a boutique investment firm as VP of international portfolio management for 12 years.

  • Worked on the operations side of many small businesses, and have created several profitable and sustainable small businesses personally, including a bookkeeping firm, property management firm, and interior design firm.

  • Grew my coaching & consulting business from $26K to $189K in revenue in 18 months (that is a 152% increase!) and have profit to show for it.

My Personal Highlights

  • Born and raised in NY to two amazing parents who support me fully to be the person I am today.

  • Moved from NYC to a small ski town in NW Colorado 14 years ago to become a ski bum and see what it is like to live on the other side of the Hudson.

  • Married to Steve, my rock, my life coach, my skiing partner in crime, and overall great guy.

  • Learned to telemark ski 4 years ago. "Free the heel, free the mind."

  • Love to hike, camp, ski, and hang out with Steve when I am not being creative with my biz and guiding others to their brilliance around money.

My Values











OK…This is WILD!! My income has increased 44% over the first 3 months working with you. And to be honest, it did not feel like work. It felt more like BEING more of myself in my business, than DOING more. You and what you bring to the table is more then I expected. What a blessing on so many levels.
— MT, Boston
Christine is all the hellfire of a woman on a mission to affect change in her client’s business! But also, with the tenderness of a good listener, the diligence of an organized businesswoman, and the timeliness of someone who respects YOUR time.
— AK, Colorado
“I have used other life coaching services in the past and Christine came at it with a different approach-one that was more emotion and value based. I began with lots of indecision and leading with the head, resulting in complete overwhelm. During our sessions she helped me to work from my heart. She helped me to decipher and realize my 5 basic emotions and values that allowed me to make each decision small or big with confidence. Christine does not make any decisions for you-she is your guide. I had homework that I asked for or that she suggested to help tease out what was truly in my soul. What did I want to do for work? How was I going to move across the world? Everything came back to my values and how did each decision “sit” with me. Christine was encouraging, warm, astute with her guidance, and an active listener to really “hear” what my challenges were.

She helped me to make big business decisions and at the same time really think about how I wanted to be and to show up in my life. It’s looking great and feeling great so far! I would highly recommend Christine to anyone wanting to get out of his or her own way and to be able to live their life more fully!”
— PT, Colorado
You encouraged me every step of the way!
“In working with you, I experienced encouragement, accountability, and companionship to face my money management, instead of staying frozen by money fears and procrastinations. Total normalization of and empathy for my challenges with money management. Pragmatic advice and help getting a personal and business accounting system and service set up that I could later maintain on my own (and then grew out of within a year because of my successes resulting from working with you!).

Confidence that I could baby step my way to being a good steward of money, that I wasn’t doomed. And absolute acknowledgement and kindness for my emotional triggers and blockages regarding numbers and money management, without getting bogged down and stuck in the emotional component. Thank you Christine!”
— AB, Colorado
“Thank you for the tools to look at finances in a different way, and bring awareness to it. As a couple, we have been going through our household budget and how we would like to deal with finances moving forward. This can be stressful, and a lot of things I had read, said that finances are often the downfall of many relationships.

With your tools I decided we would not be like that. We only discuss money when we are both prepared to, and we keep it light and positive! I have also had some personal gains with work that I know are from using my daily feelings. So THANK YOU! You have some pretty amazing energy!”
— EB, Colorado


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